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Bertram Fiddle Episode 2: A Bl

The year is 1884 and Victorian London is ready for the greatest Adventure ever told. Part story, part animated cartoon, part puzzle game - A Bleaker Predicklement is a wonder to behold. Can you solve the puzzles and help Bertram Fiddle finally track down the despicable Geoff the Murderer? Explore dark alleys, talk to suspicious characters, uncover the evil plot that threatens Victorian London in this comedy murder mystery like no other. A beautifully animated Adventure Game, fully Voice Acted and filled to the brim with gloriously detailed artwork and terrible, terrible puns. Inspired by Hammer Horror, Victorian Novels and Monty Python, it may be the most British game ever! "A Bleaker Predicklement is the greatest adventure of 1884" - The Evening Burble "The game has done a perfectly Adequate job capturing the charm of the first game, only on a much bigger scale. As I unlock more of the story, I’m continually surprised and delighted." - Appunwrapper.com "If you enjoy puzzlers, this is definitely for you. The quirky voices and music fit the game perfectly, but the most noticeable thing is Bertram's strange nose - I'm assuming it's this large nose that helps him sniff out the clues." - Pocketgamer.co.uk

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I had a really hard time rating this game...on one hand I LOVED IT. The story is awesome, I am excited to see future games. BUTTTTTT there were multiple times where my character would get stuck on something and I would have to reload the game over and over in hopes to fix it and even more annoying the audio would cut out so that certain parts of the story I could not hear (thankfully I had captions on). With some bug fixes this game would be 5 stars This game is so buggy, it's unfortunate. I had to uninstall and reinstall it after getting stuck in a glitch about halfway through. Replayed until I was just about to the end, and then got stuck in another glitch when I needed the boat to get back to the soap factory. So frustrating. I just uninstalled instead of going through the entire game trying to get to the end again. Well I Loved the first one and while this is Longer by quite a bit it didnt have the same punch as the first but very funny still and off the wall with a few of the mini games as last time. The puzzles are either straightforward but challenging or oldschool PnC nonsensical and may need luck or help figuring it out. Tons of Ref to other things (cthulu) in hilarious fashion but end felt a little cut short. Did experience issues with dialogue, voices would stop but text would still appear at least. An awesome adventure game both 1 and 2. Great story, great art and great voices and puns. The puzzling involved added a good challenge. The only problem I encountered was the subtitles coming up but not the audio on some scenes or Bertam skippingbto the next sentence when he was only half way through the first sentence. Still a five star game though. ...

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